What I Need The Most

My life is full of care,
Many problems I must bear;
I feel depressed and sad,
Losing all the things I had;
Rejected and alone,
Just sitting by the phone.
I need money, I need love,
I need help from above,
And what I need the most -
Is Jesus.

I can sit and make a list
Of all the things I've missed,
And may think I really know
What it is that I need so,
But it's not material things
That make this life take wings;
Not just a human touch
That I want so much,
But what I need the most
Is Jesus.

For His love never fails,
And when my courage quails,
His presence gives me hope;
And strength with life to cope;
He forgives me for the past
Gives me peace and joy that last.
He will guide me if I ask,
Help me with each daily task.
Yes, what I need the most,
Is Jesus.

His loving, tender Hand
Will help me understand
The problems that I face,
And He will give me grace
To love and to forgive
And in His way to live.
For He will give His Power
To meet temptation's hour
And live victoriously
When He lives in me.
Always, what I need the most,
Is Jesus.

Honoria A. Groves