What is a Father

Some kids think Dad is only good for bringing home the “dough”,
And every time they ask for things he never should say “NO”.
But a father is much more than this - he should be kind and strong;
To teach the children many things, explaining right from wrong.

And sometimes if we know we have been very, very bad,
We wish that mother would forget to tell it all to Dad.
God gave to you a father to take good care of you;
So listen when he talks about the things that you should do.

Remember kids, your father loves you very, very much,
And shows it in so many ways by thought, by deed, by touch;
But keep in mind that fathers are also people too,
And sometimes need a quiet time for things they want to do.

So thank God for your father; resolve to do your best,
So he'll always be proud of you when faced with evil's test.
Tell him how much you love him, and also find a way
To show it, so each Dad will have a Special FATHER'S DAY!

Honoria A. Groves