What is a Mother

Is a mother only someone who cooks and washes dishes?
Who does the laundry, cleans the house, regardless of her wishes?
She does the shopping, makes the beds, is not supposed to grumble
When kids track in a lot of mess; cares for them when they tumble.
And if she also has a job, her tasks are never-ending;
She still works hard on her time off, plus ironing and mending.

Is a mother superhuman, never getting tired and weary?
Should she never have a bad day, but be always bright and cheery?
And must she always have the time to sit right down and listen,
To help with all the homework, to find the sock that's missin'?
If kids should come home late from school, why does she always worry?
Oh why do mothers have to fuss and get in such a flurry?
She needs to know just where they are and when they will be home,
And they must remember to call her on the phone.
A mother's one who loves you, even when you have been bad,
And never stops her caring, even though she may get mad.

A mother is a person too; she has her needs and longings,
And she needs some privacy and respect for her belongings.
Sometimes when she is very tired and wants to rest a while
She does not want the kids to fight, but be quiet with a smile.
She doesn't ALWAYS want to hear each little thing we do -
Sometimes she also wants to talk - and kids should listen too!

God provided us with mothers to care for every need,
To teach us and to help us, our bodies clothe and feed.
He put us into families, this was the way He planned,
To keep us safe when we are small, to have a guiding hand.
And over all He watches us and loves us every one.
We give Him thanks, this Mother's Day, for each life, just begun.
We thank Him for our families, for sisters and for brothers,
But most of all this special day, we thank God for our Mothers!

Honoria A. Groves