What is Holiness

Is Holiness the things I do?
Is it my attitude to you?
Does it depend on where I go
Or how much Scripture I may know?
Or is it by the way I dress
I demonstrate my holiness?

The Bible says the human heart
Is full of sin, from God apart;
No righteousness this soul can claim
Until it's cleansed, in Jesus Name.
When purified from inbred sin,
God Holy Spirit dwells within.

Then, pleasing God becomes my aim;
Not because good works can claim
Approval of a holy God;
But Christ Himself, who this earth trod
Will live His righteousness through me,
And God Christ's Holiness will see.

Therefore, it may be very true
That only from God's point of view
My spirit perfect may appear,
For to my friends and loved ones dear
My faults may be so very plain -
Yet holy can my heart remain.

For holiness is God's alone
But when my heart becomes His Throne,
He makes my motives pure and clean,
Removing hindrances between
A Perfect God and sinful me -
And that's what holiness should be.

Honoria A. Groves