What is Your Isaac?

What is God asking you to surrender? Perhaps your time?
To spend longer in His Presence, Basking in His Great Love!

Perhaps money that you had earmarked for something
YOU wanted or needed?

Maybe He is asking for your life, to live and serve Him
No matter what the cost!

Or He may have put His finger on something
That should not be part of the life of a committed follower
Of the pure and holy Son of God?

God Says (verse 2) "Take ISAAC, Your only son, whom you love,
Go to Mount Moriah And sacrifice him there".
This demands both decision and action.

What is YOUR Isaac?

Can you say -"My Lord, I love You, You know I love You,
I am willing to be obedient. Accept this offering and my love"?

"Then, if You choose to hand it back to me, I pray for wisdom
And discernment in the future use of it, To bring Glory to Your Holy Name!"

How important it was that Abraham obeyed God instantly -
Each time God called His name!
Or he could have taken the life of his beloved son needlessly.
Thus thwarting God's plan and his own deepest desires
For the future generations to come.

Instead, he heard the approving voice of God saying:
"Now I know that you love Me and are willing to do
Whatever I ask of you"

And he learned the precious lesson that God WILL provide.
For He provided the Lamb. Truly He is JEHOVAH JIREH!

Following this, Abraham heard another Promise from God.
Because of his obedience, God would fulfill
His original Promise to bless him and multiply his descendants.
Because He obeyed.

Jesus was God's Isaac!


Honoria A. Groves

January 1998