What's In a Name?

When e'er a baby comes to town
One question that may cause a frown
Is "What shall he be named?
Whose name should we perpetuate?
For one day Junior may be great
And his name too be famed.

A fine old man is Uncle John
Perhaps his name should carry on.
And then there's brother Ted.
But just suppose this child should stray
And fail to follow in their way
And bring disgrace upon his head?

So, we may ask, "What's in a name?"
A humble one can bring no shame
It's owner's head upon,
Nor if a noble one is given
Does that assure a place in heaven
Unless that place be won.

In Bible days God took a hand
And issued His Divine command
In no uncertain voice.
And to His people would declare
That Child He gave must surely bear
The title of His choice.

To Joseph then an angel came
"Jesus," he said, "shall be the name
Of Mary's baby son.
For ‘Saviour' is the meaning clear
And God's own son is coming here
From sin to save each one.

When Joseph heard Jehovah's word
He was obedient to the Lord.
Should we not be the same?
If we Christ's name will gladly bear
Shame and reproaches with Him share
We'll prove "What's in a Name."

He came unto His own, we know
God's love to all mankind to show,
But they would not believe.
Oh let us not the Gift reject,
But Christ into our hearts accept
And His blessed Name receive!

Honoria Groves