When I'm Old Please Remember..

If I become forgetful, please remember this -
I never forgot to love you!
If I happen to overlook someone's birthday
Remember how I rejoiced when each child was born,
And that I cared about all of you every day, all year.
If I become confused, bear in mind
That I used to think clearly
And I was dependable and competent.

If I drift into sadness and depression,
Don't forget my happy and productive days.
If I perhaps become difficult to get along with,
Try to recall the kind and thoughtful things
I always tried to do.

If I become feeble and helpless,
Think back to when I was active and strong,
Because I once was young and energetic,
And years ago, when you were small and helpless,
I willingly did things for you.

Should I become unable to care for myself,
Remember how I liked to be clean and tidy.
If my speech should become repetitious and boring,
Please be patient and kind
And try to understand.

No one wants to become useless or dependent
On the assistance of others!
Neither does anyone enjoy having to be reminded
Of everything, or to constantly be told
They had forgotten something - again!
We all want to stay healthy in mind and body,
And be vitally alive and independent.

So, when I am old - please remember -
I want to remember -
And I never forgot to love you!

By: Honoria A. Groves