When We Pray

When we pray, God listens;
He hears the feeblest cry.
He's waiting every moment
For just a word or sigh.

When we pray, He understands,
For His omniscience knows
The deepest motivation
Our words do not disclose.

He listens with compassion
For He loves and cares,
Sharing in the heartaches
Which lie behind our prayers.

When we pray, it pleases Him
And makes His heart rejoice;
For no sound is sweeter
Than a loved child's voice.

When we pray, He answers
Every single plea,
But finite understanding
The answers may not see.

When we pray He intervenes
If we truly intercede.
Circumstances may not change
But He gives what we need.

When we pray He opens
Spiritual eyes,
Healing and restoring
Wounds we did not realize.

When we pray, He meets us
Exactly where we stand,
And we know the blessing
Of the touch of His dear hand.

By: Honoria (Nora) A. Groves