Why Do You Come to Church?

Do you come to church
Only to receive,
Just so you'll feel better,
And happier when you leave?

Do you come to Church
Because you think you should,
Or just to please somebody else
And make them think you're good?

Or do you come to Church
To worship our Great God,
Who loves us all so much
His Son this planet trod?

Do you come to church
To see what you can give
So others too may learn -
And learning, they might live?

Come to Church with faith,
Fortified by prayer;
Full of deep assurance
That Christ will meet you there.

Come to Church inspired
With His Joy and Peace,
So those who hearts are troubled
May find a blest release.

Come to share your wisdom
And knowledge of the Lord;
You'll surely find more blessing
From His Holy Word.

If you come expecting
To see His blessed Face,
His Spirit will not fail you
For He dwells within this place.

But if you never meet Him
Except within these walls,
You could be disappointed
And your life have many falls.

Do not come in judgment
Just to criticise;
If you help to share the load
You'll see through different eyes.

Bring to God your offering
Of worship, love and praise,
Expecting Him to bless you
In many wondrous ways.

Bring to Him your problems,
Your burdens and your need,
Knowing He will help you
And your soul will feed.

And then when you leave here,
Christ will go with you
So you may be a blessing
To those who need Him too.

Honoria A. Groves