Women of Faith

Today we’re celebrating
Some women of great faith.
The Bibles’ many stories
Encourage and challenge us.

In Genesis we read
That in spite of willful sin
And punishment severe,
God clothed His final creation
And His covenant bestowed
On Adam and Eve.

Jochebed, Moses’ mother
Exercised her faith
By hiding her child in the river .
God honoured her by keeping him safe
And His purpose was fulfilled
As he set his people free.

Nameless mother of Samson,
Full of faith and wisdom,
Accepted the angel’s prophecy
That a child would bless their home.

What faith had good Queen Esther
As she asked the Jews to fast
While she risked her own life
To approach the King
Pleading for deliverance
From their enemies.
To this day, Jews celebrate
The Feast of Purim in her honour.

John The Baptist was born
Miraculously to Elisabeth
In her old age.
For she had faith to believe;
But her husband laughed.

Young Mary showed tremendous faith
As she said Yes to the Angel’s message,
Risking her reputation - and Joseph’s
To be the Mother of Jesus.

Women followed Jesus;
They listened, learned, believed.
They ministered and worshipped ,
And when He died they grieved.
In His Resurrection glory,
To a woman He appeared.
She gratefully accepted Him
And the wondrous news she shared.

As women we would worship,
We would trust and serve our Lord;
Fearless in our witnessing
To ones who know Him not,
So those who follow us
May remember us some day
As Women Of Faith!

Honoria A. Groves

August 26, 2000