Wood was used to create an altar
Where sacrifices were offered
To a Holy God. (Exodus 27:1)

An ornate temple in which to worship
The Mighty God of the Israelites
Was built by Solomon from wood
supplied by Cyrus. (1 Kings 6:15)

A Manger made of wood
In which animals were fed
Became the cradle
Of the Infant Jesus,
Son of the Most High.
(Luke 2:7)

Jesus was the human son of Mary
Whose husband Joseph was a Carpenter.
It is presumed that Jesus worked
With him at a wooden bench
Fashioning wood into useful articles,
Prior to His ministry on earth.
(Matt. 13:55)

The Cross of Calvary
On which Jesus was crucified
Was made of wood as were also
The stakes that were pounded
Into His precious Healing Hands
And Feet that walked this earth.
(Matt 27:35)

Fruit of the tree can be used
For worship, glory, or shame.
Our lives too, can serve many purposes.
May we be used for the Glory of God
And the salvation of others.

Honoria A Groves