Out of Darkness Poems

Words of hope for those
needing a light in the valley - Psalm 30

Dear Friend:

These words of hope are being sent out with much prayer because so many people are hurting emotionally.

Please understand, I am not qualified to try to solve other peoples' problems. However, I am willing to take the risk of sharing some of my own experiences in the darkness of emotional struggle, for the purpose of encouraging and uplifting those who are there now.

Some of these poems were written during a time when I participated in group counselling sessions where opportunity was given to talk about one's feelings. Although I never felt able to express my thoughts to the group, I did write them down and, of course, most important of all, poured them out to God, the Greatest Counsellor of all!

I praise God for the help I received and I am grateful for trained professionals. It is my hope that the insight I received through these thoughts and prayers will help others.

Those who have never walked in an emotional valley may not understand some of the sentiments expressed, and they may stir negative thoughts, but on the other hand, they may serve to clarify for you the feelings of someone you love.

Unfortunately, there are fine, well-meaning people who think Christians should never experience emotional swings if they exercise faith in their Heavenly Father. This only adds more guilt to the one who is suffering. I struggled with this until God taught me about the complex human entity consisting of body, mind, and spirit.

May the Light of Jesus direct and help you to find a way out of the darkness of discouragement, or low self-esteem.

There is hope in the valley! I know!

"Nora" (Honoria Groves)


Because I'm Human, Lord

But I'm Human Lord

Calm Me

Calm Me. My God, and Keep Me Calm!



Feelings of Loneliness


Freedom to Be

Growing Pains

Healing Prayer

Help, Lord

I Must be Worthy

I'm Angry Lord

Is It Enough?

Jesus Took My Burden

Let the Past be the Past

Look at Me - I Am a Person!

Look Up! Dear Friend

Looking Inside

Looking Upward

Lord, Help Me to Feel Good About My Self!

Lord, Rule My Tongue

My Cage

My Need for Approval

No Battle - No Victory

Out of Darkness

Peace Amid the Storm

Peace, Be Still

Precious to God

Purpose to Live





Shut My Mouth, Lord!

Spiritual Insight


Sunrise In My Soul

The Master Builder

These Restless Hands

This Is Me


Under a Cloud